Patch Version 181, also called The Red Challenge, is the version of the game released on October 20, 2015. The patch includes Versions 179, 180 and 181.

Changelog Edit

New Content Edit

General Edit

  • Red Dragon Nest Memoria
  • Red Dragon Nest Hardcore
  • Hero's Battlefield Hardcore

Seasonal Content Edit

Cash Shop Edit

  • Halloween Costume
  • 4th Anniversary Forum Poll Movie Costume Sale (Note: Not available for Lancea Class)
  • 2015 Halloween Double Surprize Box
  • Starry Night Wings
  • Starry Night Tail
  • Starry Night Decal
  • Playful Halloween Onion Spirit
  • Hellfire Mount
  • Argenta Treasure Box
  • Lucid Hero's Spirit
  • Lucid Hero's Weapon Exchange Coupon
  • Lucid Hero's Cold Decal

Updates Edit

General Edit

  • Removal of Black Dragon Nest Entry Ticket requirement
  • Hero's Battlefield Hard Ranking replaced to Hero's Battlefield Hardcore Ranking

Seasonal Content Removal Edit

Cash Shop Edit

  • Altea Gacha-box Update
  • Added: Black Dragon's Shiny Emerald Necklace

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