Patch Version 195, also known as the Infinite Battlefield: All Out Kill Patch, is a content patch update released on March 2, 2016. The update adds the Infinite Battlefield and returns the seasonal Lagendia Continent Exploration, as well as fixing problems with the Energeyes Glasses and bugs related to Freezing Field EX and Cheating Point.

Changelog Edit

General Edit

Others Edit

  • Added Assassin Set Epic Costume Synthesis
  • Removed Butler Set Epic Costume Synthesis
  • Removed 2015 X'mas Missions

Cash Shop Updates Edit

  • Additions
    • Geraint Costume Set
    • Geraint Treasure Box
    • Mini Geraint costumes for Eddie Minion
  • Removals
    • Future Costume Set
    • Warm Winter Costumes for Sasha
    • Soft Winter Costumes for Eddie

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed issue where Labyss is not sold in Nightmare Star Store
  • Fixed Gorgeous Ancestor Wings model issue
  • Fixed Elestra Freezing Field EX Instant issue
  • Fixed Sniper Cheating Point damage issue
  • Fixed Missing Energeyes Glasses issue

External LinksEdit

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