Patch Version 209, also called the Childs Of Destruction: Ice Dragon Game Patch, is a patch update released on July 04, 2016. The update mainly consists of the opening of the Ice Dragon Nest, rebooting the Wonderful Theme Park, and the start of seasonal events.


New ContentEdit



  • Dragon Jade Enhancement limit increased to +15
  • New Materials for Dragon Jade Enhancements
  • Ice Dragon Equipment Crafting
  • Goddess Sparkle Store
  • Level 90 Unique Skill Accessory
  • Daily Task Added
  • Erosion Store


Cash ShopEdit

  • School Clubs costume (monthly costume)
  • Velskud Costume resale
  • Police Series (new epic costume)
  • Daily Bundles
  • Trade Warranty
  • Removal of the 2016/2015 Wedding Costumes
  • End Discount Sales

Altea's Gacha Box UpdateEdit

  • Added: Giant Flavel of Dawn Wedding Wing/Tail/Decal
  • Added: Mermaid Timo (Growth Spirit)
  • Added: Panda Car Mount
  • Added: Abyss Darkness Weapon Coupon
  • Removed: Banquet of Flowers Giant Wings/Tail/Decal
  • Removed: Banquet of Flowers Spirit
  • Removed: Demolition W01 (Wedding Special Edition)

Bug fixesEdit

  • Saint Class Mastery bug
  • Minor text error changes

External LinksEdit

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