Patch Version 219, also called the The Return Of Professor K Game Patch, is a content update released on November 1, 2016. It removes the game's annual Halloween event and launches the return of Professor K Nest, practice mode for Ice Dragon Nest and an Engraving System.

Changelog Edit

General Edit

  • Lv93 Dragon Jade item can now be enhanced up to +10 enhancement level.
    • When enhancing above +8 enhancement level, additional enhancement material “Hardened Labyss” is needed. This can be found from the new Professor K Nest.
  • More Dragon Jade Fragments are dropped as enhancement level increases and when +15 Dragon Jade is disassembled, you can get Fusion Cube.
  • Engraving Pouch is added to Goddess's Sparkle Store.
  • 8-player Ice Dragon Nest (Normal)’s rewards have been enhanced.
    • Number of Ice Dragon Unique Weapons from completion box increased from 1 to 2.
    • Number of Ice Dragon Unique Armour from completion box increased from 3 to 6.
  • For dungeons like Nightmare Dungeon where clear count is deducted the moment you enter the dungeon, it will now show [Can enter ~ times] instead of [Can clear ~ times].
  • When [Cover Title] check box is not selected, title name will not be shown next to the character name.
    • This feature was already implemented in an earlier patch despite being featured in this patch notes. 
  • Red Dragon Nest (Practice Mode) number of players has been changed to 1 ~ 8 players. 
  • Legend Ice Dragon’s Fury can now be stored in the server storage. 
  • Ice Dragon Legend Equipment can now be stored in the server storage. 

Event Edit

  • Dragon Hunting Day
  • Lagendia Continental
  • Saint Haven Defence
  • SEA Fishing Event 
  • Mount Coin Exchange

Balancing Edit

- Ladder Edit

  • All classes’ equipment stats ratio will be changed.
  • Attack power ratio will be reduced.
  • Defence power ratio will be increased.
  • Max HP ratio will be increased.

- Artillery Edit

  • Cannonade (PVE, PVP): Hit area is shown immediately when the skill begins and hit area can be changed by changing the mouse direction (up or down).
  • Cannonade (PVE, PVP): Cannon speed is increased.
  • Cyclone Harpoon (PVE, PVP): Number of hits is doubled from 6 to 12.
  • Magical Breeze (PVE, PVP): Final damage is raised. (PVE: 20% to 35%, PVP: 20% to 27%)
  • Magical Breeze (PVE, PVP): The increase in final damage due to Skill Heraldry is now less. (Magic: 1.25%, Rare: 2.5%, Epic: 5%)

- Sniper Edit

  • Siege Stance (PVE, PVP): Siege Stance’s normal hit is changed to be penetrating.
  • Wind Shaft (PVE, PVP): Hit area is increased for the first arrow.

Removal Edit

  • Halloween Spooky Field
  • Halloween Bingo
  • Chronicles

Cash Shop Update Edit

- Addition Edit

  • Uniform Costume Packages
  • Brass Band Epic Costumes

- Removal Edit

  • Halloween Costume Packages
  • Halloween Gacha Box
  • Mount Gacha Box

Gacha box update Edit

- Altea’s Gacha Box Edit

  • Gold Dragon’s Flame Earrings
  • Blue-eyed Cat Jessy Spirit

- Iona Treasure Box Edit

  • Pure Hero’s Wing
  • Pure Hero’s Tail
  • Pure Hero’s Decal

External Links Edit

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