Patch Version 230, also known as Rune Of Despair, is a content update that took place in 28 March 2017. It marks the opening of Rune Dragon Nest.



Game ImprovementsEdit

  • Epic Talisman Evolution
  • Colosseum Elite Shop Update
  • Master-Apprentice System Improvement
  • Legend Main Weapon Convertor
  • Unique Skill Accessory Crafting
  • +15 Level 93 Dragon Jade
  • Wrath Store Update


  • UI Improvements
  • Point Currency System
  • Channel Chat Improvements
  • ATK / HP Notation for Nests

Cash Shop UpdateEdit


  • Egyptian God Costume Packages
  • Engraving Scroll Collection (Armour)
  • Engraving Scroll Collection (Weapon)
  • Eyes: Sienna
  • Hair: Lemon Chiffon
  • Hair: Royal Plum


  • Wizard of Oz Costume Package

Gacha Box UpdateEdit


  • Blessed Golden Dragon
  • Bathing Cat Spirit
  • Rubinart Treasure Box
    • Charming Rubinart’s Wings
    • Charming Rubinart’s Tail
    • Charming Rubinart’s Decal


  • Ruby Luster Dragon Mount

Bug FixesEdit

  • Machina Beyond the Wall weapon engraving issue
  • Sorceress and Mara targeting issue
  • Silver Hunter Tornado Shot issue

External LinksEdit

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