Patch Version 46 is a patch update released on December 13, 2011. The update increases the level cap to 40, and introduces Christmas-themed content and events. The update also adds two new nests into the game: Manticore Nest and Apocalypse Nest.

Changelog Edit

New Content Edit


  • Level cap raised to 40 from 32.
  • Added ten new Saint Haven dungeons with additional missions for Levels 32-40.
  • Official opening of Trainer Lindsay's Mount Shop: Ebony Thunder and Snow Breeze Horse mounts now available.
  • Added Mount Trinkets that can be bought from Dishonest Merchant Pero in Saint Haven.
  • Added three new stages in Wonderful Theme Park: Orc Kim's Strike, Hessian Goblin and Boss Rush.

Nests Edit

Christmas Edit

  • Changed all town maps to Christmas versions, with relevant background music changes.
  • Added Christmas-related quests and events: the Decorate Christmas Tree Event and Merry Xmas Event.

Cash Shop Edit

  • Added Christmas costumes and the permanent title Christmas Fairy.
  • Added new wings, tails and decals to the Altea's Gacha Box.

Updates Edit


  • Level 40 items now available at Blacksmith Berlin's Item Production tab.
  • New affinity quests added.
  • Added new skill to Elemental Lords: Hellfire.

Nests Edit

  • Manticore and Apocalypse Nest Tickets now drop in Level 32-40 Abyss dungeons.
  • Nereid Origin now drops in Manticore Nest (Normal).
  • Modified Prophetic Compass new drops in Apocalypse Nest (Normal).
  • Mount Medallions now drop in Manticore and Apocalypse Nests (Hell).
  • Nest menu added to Community tab.
  • Manticore and Apocalypse items now available at Blacksmith Berlin's Item Production tab.

PvP Edit

  • Ladder Points reset.
  • Entrance limit for Ladder mode now set to Level 40.
    • Level 40 items now added to Ladder shop with Level 32 items moved to the normal shop.

Fixes Edit

  • Fixed guild capacity notification; players will no longer receive an error message when maximum number of guild members are invited.
  • Fixed graphical issues involving missing character's head and face.
  • Made updates to translating content.

Prize Crediting Edit

  • Prizes given to the winners of Challenge the Cerberus Nest Event.
  • Initialization Scrolls awarded to all participant of the 550,000 Facebook Likes Battle Preparation Event.

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