Patch Version 76 is a patch update released on October 23, 2012. This patch marks the beginning of the Halloween event, and adds the Kill or Fall game mode.


New ContentEdit


Cash ShopEdit

  • Halloween Costume Package (Comes with title and 7-day Hound pet)
  • New Mount added in [Altea's Gacha-Box]: [Courteous Gentleman Sheep]
  • New Decal added in [Altea's Gacha-Box]: [Embarrassed Decal]
  • New Item added: [Job Change Scroll (2+3)]



Cash ShopEdit

  • [Altea’s Gacha-Box] revised:
    • [Brown Dire Wolf] removed
    • [Right Cheek Decal] removed


  • The Cash Shop pages no longer loop back to the first page after scrolling past the last page for viewing. (Now same as the Trading House)
  • Missing Cut Scene for Gigantes Nest fixed
  • Fixed Translation Bugs & Errors

External LinksEdit

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