Patch Version 81 is an update released on Decemeber 18, 2012. Important changes include the addition of Green Dragon Nest and 5 new dungeons. This patch also marks the beginning of the Christmas event.


New ContentEdit


Cash ShopEdit

  • New 7-piece Christmas Costume Set (incl weapon, title, decal)



  • Sea Dragon Nest (Normal) entry limit increase from 1 to 2.
  • Sea Dragon Nest (Normal) revival limit increase from 1 to 3


  • As of 18 December 2012, 0700hrs (GMT+8), all existing unused Ladder Points converted to [Goddess’s Medals].
  • Reset of PVP Ladder Points
  • Reset of PVP Ladder Ranking Board
  • Lv. 50 Unique Hero Set added to Ladder Shop.
  • Victor Set removed from Ladder Shop. Now available in Colosseum Shop.

Cash ShopEdit

  • Altea’s Gacha-Box Update: Limited Edition Soft Angel Sheep Mount added
  • Altea’s Gacha-Box Update: White Archangel Wings
  • Altea’s Gacha-Box Update: Happy Decal


  • Unable to delete characters
  • Disable multiple purchase of Hard Fishing Rod
  • Translation errors

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