Poison Break EX
Poison Break EX
After Poison Break is used, Normal Attack Button can be used to give Additional ATK or Special Attack button can be used for removing allies' debuffs. Additional attacks give damage without poison and are not affected by Bubbles.
Learned by
Class Physician
Type Passive Enhancement
Attribute Dark
Mana Cost 4102 MP
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 70
Skill Points 65 SP used on Alchemist skills
Required Skill/s Poison Break
Learning Fee 2 SP to learn
Weapon Used Kabala
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Poison Break EX is a Physician skill available at Level 70. It enhances Poison Break, adding new effects to the skill.

Pressing the Normal Attack button after using the skill gives an additional attack equivalent to 50% of the skill's damage. This damage does not give the Poison debuff and cannot be boosted by Alchemy Bubbles.

Pressing the Special Attack button after using the skill removes 10 debuffs from nearby allies.

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