Note: This feature has been deprecated and replaced with Dragon Jades.

Potentials, also called Hidden Potentials, were additional stats given to a piece of equipment when a Potential Code is used on it. Adding potentials to one's equipment is vital in acquiring better stats for one's character, as it gives a percentile value rather than whole-number stats, making it necessary in higher-level gameplay.

In Dragon Nest player jargon, adding potentials to an equipment is also called "potting".

Adding potentials to equipment requires a Potential Code of the same rarity and level range as the desired equipment to pot and a particular kind of Potential Code for certain kinds of items (Agate Codes for armor, Crystal Codes for weapons, and Diamond Codes for accessories). Right-clicking on the Potential Code will open a window that has a space for the desired equipment, the previous potentials on the equipment (if there is any), and the new potential/s if the user chooses to proceed with the potting process.

The process of adding potentials is instantaneous as soon as the user confirms the usage of the Potential Code. If the user is not satisfied with the results, Potential Codes may still be used to overwrite the equipment's current potentials, or the process may be reverted back for a monetary fee. Potentials can also be removed by using Revert Cubes. Alternatively, potentials can be transferred from one item to another using the Cash Shop item Potential Extractor, although there is a limit to how many times a particular potential can be transferred.

In early versions of the game, Agate Codes and Crystal Codes are composed of five kinds based on the five base classes existing at that time: Holy Codes for Clerics, Peace Codes for Archers, Bravery Codes for Warriors, Vision's Codes for Sorceresses, and Technical's Codes for Academics.


  • Patch Version 164: Removed.
  • Patch Version 97: Potential Codes now stack for ten pieces per stack from five.
  • Patch Version 83: Changes made to Potential Application UI.
  • Patch Version 76: Potential System revamp: using another Potential Code to equipment can now replace previous potentials given to it. However, a fee is required if one chooses to keep a desired potential after using a Potential Code on a piece of equipment. Class-specific Potential Codes are unified into Agate Codes and Crystal Codes.
  • Patch Version 74: Potentials can now be transferred from one item to another using Potential Extractor, available in the Cash Shop.

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