Priestesses of Darkness are humans, specifically females, that are members of the Dark Vigil, a group that devotedly sacrifices all of what they have and known in the quest to fight against the darkness of the abyss. Although they still look like female humans, Priestesses of Darkness are no longer referred to as humans because of the incantations they perform to control the abyss that the darkness itself has altered and twisted their very being. One noticeable change mentioned by Castia is the inability to bear a child, that is why she is surprised to discover that one of her Priestess sisters Eclair was able to give birth to a child, the Cleric.

Most of the Priestesses of Darkness stay in the Dark Lair, where they usher in worthy adventurers to fight the monsters within, while there are a few who remain in Lagendia, where they sell important items in exchange for Goddess' Sympathy, which is found in selected dungeons at Abyss difficulty.

Notable Priestesses of DarknessEdit

  • Priestess of Darkness Mio
  • Priestess of Darkness Castia
  • Priestess of Darkness Shea
  • Priestess of Darkness Eclair
  • Priestess of Darkness Mocha
  • Priestess of Darkness Madeleine
  • Priestess of Darkness Elly (only appears in Commission Board Quests)
  • Priestess of Darkness Tarte
  • Priestess of Darkness Grissini
  • Priestess of Darkness Crow
  • Priestess of Darkness Rosetta
  • Priestess of Darkness Jomblo


  • Except for Castia and Elly, most of the Priestess of Darkness are named after sweets and pastries. Mio is originally named Millefeuille in the Korean server. Shea is originally named Choux, and Crowa is an improper romanization of Croi (short from Croissant).

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