Push Kick
Side Kick
Enter [Special Attack Button] to push enemies in front away with a front kick.
Learned by
Class Lancea
Type Passive
Attribute Neutral
Maximum Level 1
Character Level Default
Gameplay Video
Push Kick00:03

Push Kick

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required ATK
1 (M) 0 50%

Lancea Skills
Half Cut Half Cut Flash Rift Flash Rift Probe Probe Side Kick Push Kick
Deep Pierce Deep Pierce Tumble Tumble Headbutt Headbutt
Cross Cutter Cross Cutter Counter Spin Counter Spin Soccer Kick Front Kick
Wheel Blade Wheel Blade Urgency Trick Flee Drop Kick Swoop
Hornet's Touch Hornet's Touch Aerial Evasion Aerial Evasion Physical Mastery Physical Mastery Mental Mastery Mental Mastery
Harmonize Harmonize Mind Conquer Mind Conquer

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