Player vs Player, abbreviated as PvP, is an aspect of gameplay which involves direct combat between two or more players. PvP only happens within the confines of the Colosseum, and is the only permanent way to acquire Goddess' Medals and Ladder Points.

What to expect in PvP Edit

Those accustomed to the environment of PvE might end up struggling (or worse, kicked) as soon as one tries to step into a game of Rounds as a beginner. PvP utilizes skills with different stats than those in PvE, and gameplay is usually fast-paced, with one mistake repaid by being juggled to death against a wall. It is helpful to know how most classes move in battle, since this changes little in PvP, and to know how to deal with stress (and immense amounts of lag) after an encounter to avoid racking too many defeats which can be a slippery slope in more competitive PvP modes like in Ladder.

PvP Match TypesEdit

  • Rounds - Players are pitted against each other for several rounds wherein each round is won by defeating all enemies. The team with the higher score by the end of the match wins.
  • Respawn - Players are placed in teams and will respawn after a short amount of time after being killed. First team to reach the set amount of kills wins.
  • Free for All - All players are pitted against each other and the player that attains the most kills or reaches the set amount of kills (ex. 8) wins.
  • Captain Mode - Teams are assigned a captain from a random player on each team. Rounds are won by killing the enemy captain before the other team.
  • Ghoul Mode - A special kind of PvP which involves a ghoul team and a human team. Ghoul team wins when all humans are turned into ghouls, while human team wins when at least one human survives.
  • Ghoul Mode: King of Thrones - A free-for-all version of Ghoul Mode, with all players playing as ghouls.
  • Kill or Fall - One-by-one combat in which the victor of each match fights opponents until defeated.
  • Occupational War - Two teams must capture and hold key locations to acquire points. The team with the most number of points by the end of the match wins.
  • Storm Battle Arena - PvP open to players from all four worlds.
  • Guild War - Organized battle between guilds in a large-scale battlefield.

PvP Rewards Edit

Constant participation in PvP matches give players a steady supply of Goddess' Medals, which is considered the basic secondary currency for PvP-related items and an alternate source of items for even PvE enthusiasts. Goddess' Medals are given based on the amount of kills and deaths at the end of every match, and can be exchanged for heraldry plates and PvP items and equipment.

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