Quests are tasks given to Players mostly by NPCs which give a particular reward when completed. The tasks involved might include hunting mobs, looking for a particular item, talking to other NPCs, or a mix of the three. Completing quests can give the Player items, gold and/or experience of corresponding quest level.

The List of Quests can be viewed here.

Looking for QuestsEdit

When looking for quests, one is advised to look for markers on either the minimap or the map (default key M). There are indicators which allow players to determine which NPCs have a quest ready to be taken, or when a Player has a completed quest ready for submission.

  • NPCs with available side quests will have blue markers with an exclamation mark above their heads.
  • NPCs with available main quests will have gold markers with an exclamation mark above their heads.
  • NPCs with available friendship quests will have a pink marker with a heart above their heads.
  • Commission Boards with available quests will have a brown marker with a scroll above.
    • The marker will change to a money bag if there a Commission Board quest has been completed.
    • This feature has since been removed.

In addition to this, the Quest Tracker can also aid players in looking for NPCs needed in quests. An arrow icon beside a quest pinned to the Quest Tracker will point to the location of an NPC or the nearest portal to reach the map where the desired NPC is, as well as the distance in-between. If the Player is in the same map where the NPC is, the arrow indicator will begin to blink.

Quest CategoriesEdit

The Player's Quest Journal (default key U) initially classified into two major types of quests: Main Quests, which are directly connected to the story assigned to the class chosen by the Player, and Side Quests, which include other obtainable quests that do not belong to the Main Quest category. Since Patch Version 68, a third category, Daily Quests, was introduced. These quests are those which reward the Player with Tears of the Goddess if completed. A new tab, Remote Quests, was also introduced. These quest usually replace removed features such as Suffixes and Potentials.

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