The Ancient Goddess is a Level 12 Commission Quest given by Heraldry Scholar Bailey through the Commission Board in Gray Ruins.


Our Goddess is still much of a mystery. It's the duty of a scholar to protect all tangible traces of her work. There are still undestroyed Ancient Goddess Statues in the Forest Sanctuary which might be of use against our enemies. But, with the monsters wandering around, it's hard for us to get close.

I will reward adventurers who get me the Ancient Goddess Statues hidden inside Forest Sanctuary.

Client: Bailey, a Heraldry Scholar


  • Collect 3 Ancient Goddess Statues hidden in chests and barrels inside Forest Sanctuary.
    • NOTE: The Player must pick up the Ancient Goddess Statues to be counted.


  • Experience: 16500
  • Items: Jewelry Pouch (1000 PU) x1, Jewelry Pouch (200 PU) x1

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