Rage of the Owl
Rage of the Owl
Increases the critical chance of yourself and allies by 10%.

Duration: 300 sec

Learned by
Class Archer
Type Buff
Cooldown 30 sec
Maximum Level 1
Buffs Rage of the Owl: Increases Critical rate.
Character Level 34
Skill Points 0 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Rage of the Owl is an Archer skill available at Level 34. It gives a buff that increases the Critical chance of the user and allies by 10%. The buff lasts for 300 seconds.

The buff stacks with Wise of the Owl.

Archer Skills
Twin Shot Twin Shot Piercing Shot Piercing Shot Side Kick Spin Kick Tumble Tumble
Willow Kick Willow Kick Elbow Drop Low Spin Kick
Multi Shot Multi Shot Magic Arrow Magic Arrow Sweeping Kick High Spin Kick Urgency Trick Urgency Trick
Wake Attack Pin Wheel Soccer Kick Somersault Kick Drop Kick Moon Kick
Wise of the Owl Wise of the Owl Aerial Evasion Aerial Evasion Physical Mastery Physical Mastery Mental Mastery Mental Mastery
Rage of the Owl Rage of the Owl Mind Conquer Mind Conquer

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