Raider's Den
Location Raider's Den Entrance in Cristal Stream
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 9
Party Size Limit Up to 4 players
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Dark Elf Lydia

Raider's Den is a Level 9 dungeon located near Cristal Stream. It is one of many strongholds of the Red Army, and is led by the Dark Elf Lydia.


Raider's Den is composed of three zones, the last of which is simply a copy of the second.

  • The first zone is a chain of small hills connected by a wooden bridge. In order to proceed to the next area, players must navigate through this reverse C-shaped map, defeating any opposing mobs.
  • The second zone is split into two sections, on the end of each is a small encampment of Orcs, Hounds and Goblins. Destroying each encampment would cause more hounds to confront you as you go to the other side.
  • At the final area, players would take on the acrobatic Dark Elf Lydia, accompanied by lesser Dark Elves.


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