The rarity of a particular item is a designation which represents the comparative likelihood of a Player encountering that item. It is defined by the color of the item's icon border and the color of the item's name in text.

Item rarity is often disregarded when it comes to consumable items in general (like potions) and non-usable items such as monster loot, but it can be an important marker to watch out for when looking for armor, weapons and costume sets.

Normal Rarity (White)Edit

Normal items include gift items, equipment sold by blacksmiths, and items which do not hold any in-game importance.

Magic Rarity (Green)Edit

The most known non-equippable items of the magic rarity is Alteum, the jewel used in the enhancement of items of the epic rarity.

Accessories of the magic rarity can be commonly found in most dungeons.

Most equipment given by quests are of the magic rarity, and has more stats than other magic equipment, but potential codes cannot be used on them and they have considerably lower maximum durability.

Rare Rarity (Blue)Edit

Rare items include diamonds, which are used in the crafting of skill heraldries, and materials used to craft suffixes for armor and weapons. Meanwhile, rare armor and weapons are considered a minimum standard in exploring dungeons in a party. In nests, rare equipment enhanced above +6 is highly recommended.

Epic Rarity (Orange)Edit

Epic items are quite rarer compared to other items, and can be found rarely on dungeons of Abyss difficulty and more frequently in Nests. They are more powerful than rare items and one particular kind of epic equipment, which are crafted from magic and rare drops from Nests, are highly valued for giving additional bonuses when equipped as part of a set.

Epic equipment, even those which have been enhanced up to +6 only, is often recommended for soloing Nests and is an optimal equipment for leveling in more difficult dungeons, particularly Level 41-50 dungeons. Of course, enhancing epic equipment beyond +6 is more preferred, but it comes at a risk of the destruction of the item upon failure.

Unique Rarity (Purple)Edit

A relatively new class of items that have been released only recently, unique items are considered as very difficult, if not impossible to acquire. Unique weapons and armor, like the Sea Dragon Sword and other items which belong to the Sea Dragon Armor Set, possess greater benefits to its wearer, a fitting prize to those who have vanquished a powerful beast such as Serpentra.

Most unique items are currently linked with Raid Nests.

Legendary Rarity (Red)Edit

Divine Rarity (Gold)Edit

A rarity class reserved only for the item Rock of Blessing, Rock of Darkness, and Special Skill Heraldries based on the skills of the bosses of raid nests.

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