Location Southern Lands in Mistland, accessible through Merca's Heart or Boundary Gate in Saint Haven
Race/s Humans (Mistland)
Instance Info
Instance Type World zone
Recommended Levels 90-93
Party Size Limit Up to 4 players

Rhadames is a settlement located in the Southern Lands of Mistland. The town, constructed in the middle of the harsh wastelands that not even Vestinel dared tread, is considered not only as a haven to those displaced from ongoing conflicts, but is also a key location to the Anti-Goddess Faction.

The town serves as a transit point for Level 90-93 dungeons, as well as the updated version of the Distorted Zone.

History Edit

When Goddess Vestinel and her Childs rejected the desert wasteland of the Southern Lands, they turned their sights towards lands which were rich instead; forcing its original inhabitants to evacuate due to their tyranny.

Now as refugees, the original inhabitants were forced to make their way to the Southern Lands despite knowing that what awaited them was death. Against all odds, a man named Akademia led his people who possessed unparalleled skills of technology to reclaim the Southern Lands like never before, thus making it flourish instead.

This great leader realized that in order to sustain the lives of his people, he had to rid the world of Childs and overthrow the Goddess’ rule, but before he could realize his dreams – he died. His disciple Norfe now leads this land with highly advanced technology and intends to write a new chapter in history as the new leader of the Anti-Goddess Faction.

What currently stands before you is no longer a desert wasteland. It’s now called Rhadames – the land of miracles and the final sanctuary of this world.

Rhadames NPCs Edit

Quest Givers Edit

  • Lord Norfe (aka Hologram Norfe)
  • Norfe
  • Sorceress Anna

Miscellaneous NPCs Edit

Portals Edit

Anti-Goddess Faction's Secret Route Edit

Distorted Zone Edit

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