Red Dragon Rubinart
Npc left rubinat
Gender Genderless
(Physically male)
Race Dragon
Age Unknown
Hometown Ayrn Island
Relatives Ren (creation)
Current Location Unknown
Status Alive
Voiced by Nam Doh-hyeong (Korean)
Eiji Miyashita (Japanese)
Additional Information

Rubinart is the original Red Dragon, and the most powerful of Chaos Descendants. Born thousands of years ago, Rubinart is likely the oldest Dragon as well.

A curious entity with a liking for art, Rubinart claims to have given culture to humans long ago and helped Lunascent progress. Rubinart sacrificed his powers to close the Monolith, with half of his jewel given to King Feder.


Rubinart has expressed the desire to live a peaceful and comfortable life, and is a very practical problem solver, usually favoring whatever takes less effort or can solve the issue in the shortest amount of time. He seems at first to have a very carefree, non-threatening personality, and has shown affection towards other people and creatures. However, he often has desires to kill and destroy, especially when he is getting excited, and he doesn't hesitate to express this feeling in front of others. Despite this, Rubinart has stayed non-threatening for most of his life with only one major attack in Lunascent, in a tragic event known as The Night of Flames. The only times he has been known to kill outside his bursts of anger were during the invasions to his own homeland Ayrn Island, in which he found himself with no choice but to retaliate.

Despite how confident and showy he appears to be, Rubinart tends to instantly lose all confidence when things don't go as he expected, usually resorting to whining, crying or screaming. He easily gets embarrassed in front of people he holds dear, particularly Iona and Meriendel, and is so protective he has expressed desire to kill those who offend his friends. Towards women, Rubinart is very chivalrous and tends to favor them, getting angry at himself when he feels he has mistreated them. This even includes Argenta despite being aware of her condition as a Dragon. He remained supportive of Meriendel despite his one-sided love for her.

Rubinart seems to have been born with a natural talent for arts and crafts. Based on the opinion of other characters, he seems to be particularly good at painting and writing. It has also been shown that he is a skilled wardrobe stylist and make-up artist.


Guy in chuba
  • Rubinart wears a Chuba, a traditional piece of clothing from Tibet.
    • Despite this, the Rubinart costume set for the Player characters is based on the Hanfu and the Tangzhuang worn typically by the Han ethnicy of China and not by the Tibetan people.


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