Rune Dragon Nest
Location Mamon's Palace
Race/s Various
Boss Rune Dragon Mamon
Instance Info
Recommended Levels 93
Party Size Limit 8
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Fighting Dog Managarm
Evil Knight Hrungnir
Conjurer Volva
Greedy Rune Dragon Mamon

Rune Dragon Nest is the second Mistland-themed raid nest in the game and has 4 stages in it.


A tyrannical Child, Mamon’s castle is the epitome of hell for all who enters. Her crazed and loyal subjects make this a merciless battlefield to trudge through, but persevere on, brave Heroes, because once Mamon becomes the Rune Dragon, there will be no stopping her!


Stage 1: Mamon's Arena

Stage 2: Hallway of Knights

Stage 3: Gardan of Conjurer

Boss Stage: Monde Special Mamom's Floating Palace