Santa Hound
Qm hound ice
Gender Male
Race White Hound
Occupation Ex-Santa Claus
Animal Rights Advocate
Current Location Mana Ridge
Status Alive
Additional Information
Star Sign Sirius
Height 112 cm
Likes Hounds
Cooked food
Warmth and comfort
Dislikes Hound abusers

Because of hounds suffering from exploitation for centuries, this hound wanted to offer a light of hope to those less fortunate a la Santa Claus. He went from home to home, spreading warmth to everyone, until one day he got stuck in a chimney. Unable to free himself, the Hound has lived there ever since.


During a now-removed side quest, Borin requested help from the Sorceress and Cleric Players to deal with a ghost that is haunting his place, causing him unable to sleep. The Player then finds that the ghost is actually Santa Hound, who became stuck in Borin's chimney when trying to climb down while carrying lots of food. Since then, he had been howling for help every night, hoping to be rescued. He explained that he came to Mana Ridge to give hope and dreams to the hounds in town because they were being abused.

After a failed attempt to free him, Santa Hound realised that he had been living in the chimney for so long, his body had gotten used to the heat. Hence, it may be impossible to return to live in the cold snow, resulting in his decision to stay in the chimney.

Talking HoundEdit

Berlin, after receiving complaints from the local animal welfare group in Saint Haven, requests the Player to ask help from a particular hound to prevent his smithing business from being shut down. The Player will discover the whereabouts of the Santa Hound in Mana Ridge and will ask it to sign something that Berlin can later use to legitimize his usage of Hounds in his business.

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