Gender Female
Race Human
Age Unknown
Alias "Blue Flower Satila"
Occupation Knight
Relatives Lambert (husband)
Xian (son)
Status Deceased
Additional Information

Having spent her entire life training to become strong, she was the strongest knight of her generation in Saint Haven known as "Blue Flower Shatila" and the beautiful wife of Lambert, father of Xian who changed drastically because of experiments conducted by the Ancients and soon, died.

History Edit

As Lambert and Shatila discovered the Ancients at the hidden ruins Lambert was like a ghost to them and left powerless as his wife was pulled to the altar. The cruel experiments made her scream out in pain and ended in washed up darkness as they returned to the present. While still alive, Shatila was no longer the person she used to be. She had been struck by madness and couldn't recognize Lambert any longer. Unable to longer hold up any sword she has become a poor girl who was afraid of everything in the world.

Being helpless Lambert searched for a cure, but was unable to find any. The Ancients whom conducted the experiments were gone without a trace. As he found their descendants they refused to take any responsibility for what their people had done, so he punished them accordingly. At that time Lambert vowed to kill off every last descendant of the Ancients until there were none left.

As she became pregnant, after telling Lambert about it, she calmed down but could never accept how much she had changed. As they were being attacked by monsters on the way home, while Lambert was fighting them off, being shaken with fear, she seized the opportunity to run off and escape from him and in return was abandoned by him.

She gave birth to their son in a little village near Prairie Town. As she was no longer the same person Lambert couldn't manage to look at her anymore, he regarded the real her dead and killed by the Ancients.

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