Scope Arrow EX
Scope Arrow EX
[Magic Arrow]
Attack power of Scope Arrow is increased, and the arrow pierces through enemies. The arrow explodes when it hits the ground and Extension Core will be created at the center of the explosion which allows Swift Shot to be launched. Only 1 Extension Core can exist at a time.
Learned by
Class Artillery
Type Passive Enhancement
Mana Cost 740 MP
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 48
Skill Points 3 SP to learn

65 SP used on Bowmaster skills

Required Skill/s Scope Arrow
Gameplay Video
Scope Arrow EX00:05

Scope Arrow EX

Scope Arrow EX is an Artillery skill available at Level 48. It enhances Scope Arrow, causing the arrow fired to pierce enemies and deal 30% more damage, with the arrows emerging from the initial point dealing 20% more damage.

Upon contact with the ground, the Scope Arrow explodes and creates an Extension Core that can be used to launch Swift Shot from that point. The Extension Core lasts for 60 seconds, and only one can exist at any time.

The Extension Core mechanic of this skill cannot be used on PvP.

When Scope Arrow EX is contact in air, it will turn into Sharpnel state which is used to track near enemies

In Other LocalizationsEdit

Frag Arrow EX

North America

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