The Seven Apostles are a group of high ranking affiliates of the Dragon Followers, and are the primary commanders of key armies under the leadership of the Red Dragon.

List of Known MembersEdit

  • King Feather - The Leader of the Apostles and the head master of the Dragon Followers. Founder of what became Saint Haven several decades ago. Not much is know of him after his mysterious disappearance, just that he recently destroyed Saint Haven to obtain an unknown artifact from King Cassius III. One of the targets of Velskud.
  • Bishop Ignacio - Former representative of the Cleric Order in Saint Haven in behalf of Pope Terrence Terramai. Reveals his true allegiance after taking Rose from the basement of Saint Haven Castle. After killing Geraint, he became another of Velskud's targets.
  • Rozalinde - Rose's alter ego. Replaces Velskud as a member of the Seven Apostles, taking the title "Knight of Kaleon". Pretends to be her normal self to trick Terramai to cooperate with her plan to extract the Black Dragon's jewel from Velskud's body.

Former MembersEdit

  • Velskud - Once called "Knight of Kaleon". Considered a traitor after the events of the Black Dragon Raid. Was condemned to be given to Karahan who he spent an unknown amount of time captive in his laboratory, until he managed to escape by his own means. Soon after escaping, he started to plan his revenge against those who put him through suffering.
  • Illusion - Originally entered the group with the intention of locating Lunaria, who he falsely promised King Feather to bring to. Stripped from his position after his mysterious disappearance, taking Lunaria with him, and condemned to death penalty for this action. Currently chasing Lunaria using the body of his younger self.
  • Elena - Commander of the Red Army in Calderock Village and a former Dark Elf Queen. Base is located in the Road to No Return. Killed in Sanctuary Core after a contamination accident. Depending on the choices taken during play through, she will either be killed by the Player or by Grandpa Goblin.
  • Typhoon Kim - An orc warrior who is known for joining the Apostles and the Red Army soon after Illusion's disappearance. Killed by the Player.
  • Yuvenciel - A male elf who helps the Archer in her specialization quest. Became the King of Elves after fusing with the Tree of Life after an ambush by Rozalinde.

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