Knight's MissionEdit

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Hey, what a good timing. You know, the mad Don Xiqote that you saw last time. He seems to have appeared at Explosion zone in Withered Leaves Forest this time.

- Oh really? But I'm happy that everything seems ok.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Usually fools and madmen don't die easily. That's always the problem. But I'm curious what that crazy man is doing.

- Don't tell me you want me to go there.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Oh, you know well. I was just feeling bored. Hoho, go to Explosion zone in Withered Leaves Forest and find out what that knight or something Don Xiqote is doing.

- (Ah, here it goes again)

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Explosion zone in Withered Leaves Forest is not far from here so you'll be quick, am I right? Hoho, I'll be waiting for interesting news.

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: Oh no, you have killed all the spirits who know where their queen is! It has become even harder to look for the Queen of the Spirits now.

- Queen of the spirits?

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: That's right. The ones that you have killed just now were all closely related to the Queen. Only they know where the queen is. How can such an unfortunate thing happen.

- But didn't those ash wisps try to harm you?

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: I can't understand why they were so hostile towards me. It must be because they know that my faith is not strong enough and they were trying to test me... or... Oh yes!

I must be in curse! The evil king's cruel curse must have blurred their senses!

- Huh, a curse?

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: It's a pity. Spirits who are originally wise and kind have fallen into such curse!

- (Don Xiqote's face is full of grief)

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: There must be some spirits who have managed to escape this terrible curse by the evil king. First, I should search Ruins of Lost Time. (It seems useless to talk to him anymore)

Self-Acclaimed Squire Chanso: Don Xiqote! Until you find the Queen of the Spirits! I, Chanso, will follow you!

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Are you back? What was that crazy knight doing?

- He said he was looking for the Queen of the Spirits.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Haha. Why are they looking for the queen there?

- He looked like he thought the ash wisps knew where the Queen of Spirits was.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Ash wisps? Haha, this is the funniest joke that I heard of recently.

- But that knight, Don Xiqote, seemed serious.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Were you infected by them and lost your mind too? Think about it. It has been centuries since the spirits have disappeared. It's funny to look for spirits now.

- That monster may be crazy, but he seemed sincere in wanting to save the spirits.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Being sincere and naïve are different things, kid. That knight or something is not sincere but naïve. If he has had a taste of the bitter things in life, he wouldn't be like that anymore.

- Is it really so?

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Well, we can bet too. I bet that he'll cry saying that he wants to go home someday. Just watch.

Foolishness and CreedEdit

Court Sorceress Kayleen: You know that monster, some knight or something. Where did he say he was going to find the Queen of spirits?

- He said he'll first search Ruins of Lost Time.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Hoho, Ruins of Lost Time? They're incorrigible. They'll get a good lesson and give up.

- I'm not sure. He didn't seem like he'd give up easily.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: We'll know the results if we continue to observe it. So? Do you want to bet if he'll give up?

- A bet?

Court Sorceress Kayleen: If I win, you run my errands for 3 months, and if you win, I'll give you this.

- (You must be really bored)

Court Sorceress Kayleen: I'm sure you know where Ruins of Lost Time is. Hurry up.

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: Huh... Th-this... It can't be?! (Don Xiqote seems very surprised)

- Are you okay?

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: I'm not hur. B-but... Why did the spirits attack me, the knight who has received their queen's divine revelation....

- Queen of Spirits?

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: That's right. The Goddess told me in my dream last night that the Queen of Spirits was held captive here.

- Don't tell me you think that fierce wisp is the queen?

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: Fierce? What a ludicrous statement about the noble ladies?! Can't you see? That elegant dress that only the Queen of the spirits can wear?

- Dress?

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: The dress that sprinkles sparkling fairy's powder when she softly takes her steps...For its purity I'm awed and feel like kissing the tip of the dress....

- (Don Xiqote continues to talk nonsense)

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: Oh, with my blunt words, I can't even describe how beautiful it is. (Don Xiqote seems to be thinking for sure that the wisp is the queen of spirits)

- If that wisp really is a spirit then it shouldn't attack you.

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: (Don Xiqote ponders for a while and claps like he understood something) Oh, yes. I get it! I understand the reason now.

- Reason?

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: Those spirits must have been cursed like those other spirits that I met last time! So the wise and kind Queen had lost her sanity! Hmm, please wait for a while.

- (Don Xiqote closes his eyes like he's praying)

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: I got the new revelation from the Goddess! To break the curse of the Queen, we have to go to Lotus Marsh! The Goddess said that we'll find a way to turn the Queen back if we go there!

- (Ah, he never gives up)

Self-Acclaimed Knight Don Xiqote: I will go to Lotus Marsh, guardian! Thank you for all your help.

Self-Acclaimed Squire Chanso: Don Xiqote! Chanso will follow you to Lotus Marsh!!

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Oh, you're back. So what was that crazy knight-or-something doing?

- He seemed like he was attacked by water wisps.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: What? Hahaha!! Did he think that the water wisp was a dragon? To kill that thing and act like a hero?

- He was trying to save the water wisp thinking that it was the Queen of Spirits.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: (Kayleen burst into laughter) Hohoho, thought that the wisp was the queen? Well, since he learnt a lesson, he wouldn't do this anymore.

- No. He went to Lotus Marsh saying that he got a new revelation.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: What? He still hasn't learnt his lesson? And what revelation?

- He seems like he'll try to break the curse on the queen.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: He's so persistent. Isn't it time to give up? Why is he still not giving up?

- He may be crazy, but I think well of his attitude of devoting himself towards his goal.

Court Sorceress Kayleen: The devotion of a crazy man will go nowhere. Did you become sick in the head too? Hmm, but spirits and wisps....

- (Kayleen seems to be thinking of something)

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Well, the difference between madness and passion is paper-thin. Maybe...that crazy knight is right.

- What?

Court Sorceress Kayleen: The period when wisps started to appear coincides with the period the spirits started to disappear. Nothing gets suddenly created or disappear.

- Then are wisps really spirits?

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Well, it's always a possibility. (Kayleen talks to herself) Was that the reason why the wisps were so moisturizing?

- Don't tell me you used the wisps as ingredients for your cosmetics?

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Yeah, what about that?

- But you said that the wisps may be spirits. That's a little....

Court Sorceress Kayleen: Quiet! Why are you so stingy on such things. Let's say the wisps really are spirits. We don't even know how they can turn back into spirit.?

- W-well...that's...

Court Sorceress Kayleen: So stop whining and take this and go. Tche, I lost the bet in the end.

You'll get old soon if you care about such trivial stuff. You need to be like me to maintain your beauty.

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