Side Kick
Side Kick
Enter the [Special Attack Button] to execute a side kick on the enemy in front of you, pushing them back.
Learned by
Class Warrior
Type Passive skill
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 1
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Side Kick is a basic Special Attack Button skill learned by Warriors at Level 1.

Skill level Level required Physical attack Cooldown
1 1 50% 0
Warrior Skills
Heavy Slash Heavy Slash Impact Punch Impact Punch Tumble Tumble Elbow Drop Elbow Drop
Impact Wave Impact Wave Wake Attack Wake Attack Side Kick Side Kick Drop Kick Drop Kick
Rising Slash Rising Slash Dash Dash Sweeping Kick Sweeping Kick Soccer Kick Soccer Kick
Circle Break Circle Break Dash Kick Dash Kick
Aerial Evasion Aerial Evasion Physical Mastery Physical Mastery Mental Mastery Mental Mastery
Highlander Highlander Relieve Relieve Mind Conquer Mind Conquer

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