The Siege of Calderock was a series of organized attacks performed by members of the Red Army ten years before the present time. It also coincided with the Monster Uprising, allowing the Red Army to amass soldiers from different races to lay siege against Calderock Village, which was supposed to be a known location of the Prophet, Rose.

The siege was commenced under the leadership of General Unmanba and the former Dark Elf Queen Elena, while the resistance forces consisted of Leon, Rose's father, Greater Sorceress Lucia, Senior Cleric William and Master Warrior Chandler. Among the members of the Red Army offense was the powerful orc named Typhoon Kim.

Little information is known about the exact flow of events during the Siege, but the resulting conflict ended with only Master Warrior Chandler as the lone survivor among the resistance leaders. Leon was killed while trying to provide a diversion for his wife Clara to take a young Rose to safety, while both Lucia and William perished in the Forest of Death, the latter reanimated as the ghoul Burnessa. The battle between Typhoon Kim and Chandler ended with a deadlock, with both warriors losing one of their eyes in their battle, and Chandler eventually respected Typhoon Kim's skills enough to call him an "eternal rival". Many others from both sides may have injured or perished during the siege.

Ultimately, Calderock Village remained standing at the end of the siege. However, since both Unmanba and Elena were able to escape to their encampments nearby, Calderock Village remains vigilant, fortifying their town and watching the movements of the Red Army until the next time Calderock is attacked once again.

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