The term "Six Heroes" refers to a group of six adventurers who are commended for their heroic deeds. There are currently two groups called as the "Six Heroes" in the lore: The Six Heroes of the Black Dragon Raid, and the New Six Heroes, which will be the ones who will try to fight the Red Dragon in the Red Dragon Raid fifty years into the future.


The Black Dragon RaidEdit

During the Black Dragon Raid fifty years from the present time, a group of adventurers was gathered by Geraint, who at that time was a wandering adventurer himself. He was joined by Barnac, Nerwin of the Silver Crescent Archers, Terramai of the Temple Knights, Karacule of Fairystar, and Velskud of the Saint Haven Royal Army. These six (Argenta, Geraint's companion not included) confronted the Black Dragon Karas in Black Mountain.

Although local lore suggested a resounding victory for the Six Heroes, the truth is that the victory is claimed singlehandedly by Geraint, who as a dragon was able to kill Karas in a short battle while the remaining five froze in their tracks. Afterwards, Velskud attacked Geraint, severely injuring Geraint's right eye, and stole the Black Dragon Jewel from Geraint. Shortly, Velskud was taken by a fleeing Elena with her, while Geraint and Argenta left for parts unknown. Several days later, the blood of the fallen Black Dragon rained down upon the injured survivors — the infamous Catastrophic Rain incident — rendering three of the original Six Heroes severely ill due to the effects of the Catastrophic Rain.

In spite of the real events that happened, the romanticized story of the heroism of the Six Heroes persisted throughout history, the rest of the world left oblivious to the truth behind the supposed victory.

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