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Skills are abilities which a character can use to perform a certain action. These abilities may be unique to a particular class, or can be used by anyone as long as a particular item is in his/her possession. Skills, no matter its purpose or role in combat, are essential in a character's development in the game, and the proper knowledge of how a skill is used is needed to conquer the different challenges in Dragon Nest.


A skill has particular properties which allow the Player to learn about a skill and how it works. Opening the Skill Window (default shortcut K) shows the skills learned by a character arranged in a grid-like layout, with arrows indicating which skills require which. Hovering over the skill icons show a tooltip which describes the corresponding skill, and right-clicking the icon will show a short movie that shows the effects of the ability in action.

  • Name - The name of the skill.
  • Skill Icon - A pictorial representation of the skill; is used in placing a skill in the skill toolbar.
  • Skill Point (SP) Cost - Denotes how many skill points are needed to learn a skill (if it hasn't been learned) or to increase a skill's level (if otherwise).
  • Mana (MP) Cost - Shows how much mana points the skill consumes. Is denoted in percentage of base mana points.
  • Effect - Describes the skill's effects.
  • Duration - In certain skills, this shows how long the effect of a skill remains before wearing off.
  • Cooldown - Denotes how much time is needed to wait before the skill is available to be cast again.
  • Requirements - Lists down the requirements to learn

Types of skillsEdit

  • Passive skills - does not use mana points and has an effect that persists as long as the character has learned that skill
  • Active skills - skills that use up a character's mana points in exchange for giving a particular effect. Must be cast to use.
    • Offensive skills - skills that are designed to debilitate or decrease the hit points of a chosen target.
    • Supportive skills - skills that benefit the user and/or allies.
    • Motion skills - counts as an active skill because it uses up mana, but is activated by using a particular combination of keys instead of being triggered by casting.

Learning skillsEdit

Skills can be learned by visiting the Skill Trainer NPC corresponding to the character's job located on towns located throughout Lagendia. If the character has sufficient skill points, a new skill can be learned by clicking on the flashing flag icon next to the desired skill's icon and paying a certain fee in gold depending on the skill chosen.

Alternatively, right-clicking on a Skill Book allows a character to learn a skill (again, given that the character has enough skill points) without any monetary cost.


  • Version 70: Skills can be learned without the use of Skill Trainers and Skill Books.

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