Sorceress Cecilia
Gender Female
Race Human
Age Unknown
Occupation Sorceress
Current Location Parelina's Resting Place
Status Alive
Additional Information
Affiliation Fairystar

Sorceress Cecilia is one of the Sorceresses assigned in watching over the Vision Orb stored inside Parelina's Resting Place. She and Sorceress Julia hold the keys to opening the sealed room where the Vision Orb is, with the Red Pledge entrusted to Cecilia.

She was badly injured during the attacks of Dragon Followers and gives the Red Pledge to the Player (if playing as a Cleric) upon assuming that he is part of the reinforcements sent by Master Sorceress Cynthia.

It can be assumed that she recovered from her injuries and returned to her post after the Vision Orb was secured.

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