Sorceress Lantana
Npc left Lantana
Gender Female
Race Human, Fairy (after mutation)
Age Unknown
Occupation Sorceress
Assistant of Professor K
Current Location Professor K Nest
Status Deceased
Voiced by Nao Touyama (Japanese)
Additional Information
Affiliation Fairystar (formerly)

Sorceress Lantana was a Sorceress formerly affiliated to Fairystar and was an apprentice of Lady Kayleen.

She was given a mission alongside a Cleric named Chris to infiltrate the laboratory of Professor K and to extract and destroy any information that is deemed dangerous to Saint Haven. However, she betrayed both Saint Haven and her fellow Sorceresses and became the mad scientist's assistant, killing her companion Cleric in the process.

Lantana later became in charge of gathering the materials and money needed for experiments, on behalf of Professor K, who can’t travel freely after being on the wanted list. At some point, she also watched over the Machina's recovery after the hybrid was retrieved from an attempted escape from the Red Merchants. Her notes, which are related to the research done by Professor K, became an object of interest to the Bao Hybrids and Saint Haven alike, but Lantana herself remained elusive.

Black marks started to appear on her face after a period of being influenced by Professor’s K ideas. It could be due to her prolonged exposure to strong poisons and toxins in the lab. Eventually, she mutated into a creature similar to the fairies of the Meteor Crash Site region and remained loyal to Professor K, fighting alongside him until her death.

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