Sorceress Tara
Npc right soceresstara
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 16
Occupation Sorceress-in-training
Current Location Mana Ridge
Status Alive
Additional Information
Star Sign Virgo
Blood Type A
Height 158 cm
Weight 48 kg
Likes Sorceresses
health food
Dislikes Dragon Followers
sugary products
Affiliation Cassius Palace
Desired Gifts Morning Dew
Apple Pie
Dew Vine Perfume
Hand Mirror
Syanen No. 7 Handkerchief

Sorceress Tara is a Sorceress-in-training who currently resides in Mana Ridge. She is studying under Master Sorceress Cynthia's tutelage, and is arranged to record the minutes for Sorceress meetings.


Curious about magic from a very young age, she has been learning and practicing magic for many years, despite not having a natural flair for it. Blessed with a wonderfully sweet personality, her loyalty and kindness makes up and more for her low aptitude in magic.

Unlike most Sorceresses, she is very friendly to players, even looking up to the Player (if playing as a Sorceress) and constantly praising her ability. She is also helpful, hard-working, and honest to a fault. However, when she needs to she tries to be manipulative, such as the time she tries to keep her crush on Cleric Thomas a secret.


The Vision Orb IncidentEdit

During the incident where the Vision Orb was taken by a minotaur from Parelina's Resting Place, Tara identifies the culprit as Minotaur Umbaba, a minotaur which is currently residing in Silent Monastery after the Sorceresses who inhabited the place left for Saint Haven. She warns about its size and power, reminding adventurers to judge its movements carefully or take him down from a distance.


Tara Bromide Preview

Befriending Tara requires getting at least 10% friendship with Master Sorceress Cynthia.


Tara's Bromide can be acquired after hitting 60% affinity.

Sorceress Tara


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