Sorceress Tysha
Gender Female
Race Human
Age Unknown
Hometown Saint Haven?
Occupation Sorceress in training
Current Location Riverwort Wharf
Status Active
Additional Information

Sorceress Tysha is a quest-giver located in Riverwort Wharf.

She was studying under the tutelage of Master Sorceress Stella for three years before traveling to Lotus Marsh for further studies. Since then, she had been giving quests to adventurers about clearing out threats in the area near the north region of Riverwort Wharf, notably Abyss-difficulty missions, claiming that it is for the sake of a cleaner and safer Lotus Marsh and the sake of Fairystar.

Among her quirks seem to be her tendency to dislike having her clothes go dirty and seeing indecent things (e.g., Pixie Queen Permuda in Meteor Crash Site Boundaries).

During her work as a Sorceress, she chanced upon the passing of one of the pillars of Fairystar, Karacule. Although saddened by the loss and in disbelief over a young boy succeeding as the leader of Fairystar, Tysha is willing to give the new leader a chance.

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