Spinning Cut EX
Spinning Cut EX
Spinning Cut's damage is increased for a longer charging. While collecting energy, enter [Special Attack Button] to swing the weapon upwards and hit the enemies up into the air.






Passive Enhancement


Spinning Cut EX00:08

Spinning Cut EX

Requirements Edit

Master Level Required Skill Required Piercer SP Total more then:
Lv. 1 60 Spinning Cut 65

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required Stage 1 Charging Stage 2 Charging
1 (M) 60 150% of Spinning Cut 300% of Spinning Cut

Flurry Skills
Spinning Skewer Spinning Skewer
Rough Sweep Rough Sweep Shutter Bounce EX Shutter Bounce EX
Stab Screw EX Stab Screw EX
Spinning Cut EX Spinning Cut EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Spinning Swing EX Spinning Swing EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Rough Sweep EX Rough Sweep EX

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