Spirit Grave Tomb
Location near Loreline River; formerly accessible through Ruined Riverbanks Path in Hermalte Port
Race/s Various
Boss Gargoyle Noxious
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 32 and above
Party Size Limit 4 players
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Gargoyle Noxious

Spirit Grave Tomb was a Level ?? dungeon located in Ruined Riverbarks Path on Hermalte Port.

Overview Edit

Stage 1 Edit

The player/s enters a half-sunken room whose doors close up as soon as the entire party gets in. Activating a nearby crystal switch triggers an encounter with wisps and stone gargoyles, along with a few Swamp Skeletons. Defeating these mobs opens the door further into the dungeon, with a ramp leading the player/s to a teleportation device.

Crossing the device takes the player down to another watery area, this time with goblins and poison wisps spilling out of a corrupted teleportation device. After dealing with the mobs, a door opens to a flatter area and an inactive teleportation device surrounded by kobolds, skeletons lizardmen and four gargoyles. These four gargoyles need to be destroyed in order to reactivate the teleportation device that leads to the portal to the next stage.

Stage 2 Edit

More ruins need to be explored, starting from one which is guarded by two stone gargoyles which prevent any intruders from proceeding. After destroying the two gargoyles, the player/s must navigate through a narrow series of half-flooded rooms. Reactivating two portals will open the way to the next portion of the dungeon, but this also alerts more mobs, including orcs that pour out from a teleportation device at the end of the hallway, to the players' position.

By clearing the mobs and closing the device at the end, the player/s are taken to a room with two devices and several gargoyles. The gargoyles can easily pin down players who are too hasty, and the two decides can be used to deactivate them for a few seconds, ample time to whittle down their hit points. The boss stage can only be accessed as soon as all of the gargoyles have been destroyed.

Boss Stage: Gargoyle Noxious Edit

At the end of the dungeon is a large circular chamber where Gargoyle Noxious is located. This chamber also has four teleportation devices that connect to each other at random. The main objective is to destroy Noxious, but this will be a challenge due to additional gargoyles activating as soon as Noxious becomes too low on health, as well as Noxious' poison-based skills. Noxious also begins to use the Stoneform skill when it is critically low, which is easy to interrupt by using high super armor-breaking skills.

If the boss stage becomes too challenging for Noxious to take on directly, note that the teleportation devices can be used to shake off Noxious and the stone gargoyles.

Rewards Edit

Changelog Edit

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