Spirit Paper
Spirit Paper
4 bird talismans are flown in front to attack enemies and turn them into Cursed state.

If there are Branded targets, a corresponding number of additional birds will appear.

Learned by
Class Screamer
Type Debuff
Attribute Dark
Cooldown 13 sec
Mana Cost 370 MP
Maximum Level 19
Debuffs Curse: Reduces all attribute resistance and deals damage when attempts to attack are made.
Character Level 15
Skill Points 20 SP used on Kali skills
Learning Fee 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Spirit Paper is a basic Screamer available at Level 15. It throws bird-shaped talismans that attack enemies up to 7 meters away and inflict the Curse debuff on those hit. The skill summons additional talismans based on any Branded targets.

Notes Edit

This skill gives the Curse debuff, lowering the attribute resistance of affected targets by 5% (1% in PvP) as well as dealing damage whenever the target attempts to attack.

The damaging effect activates once per 10 seconds (5 seconds in PvP), dealing 100% magical attack (20% in PvP) once every 2 seconds.

The Curse debuff can stack up to three times.

Skill Information Edit

Level Req. Level ATK per shot
1 15 237% 25%
5 27 256% 31%
6 30 293% 35%
10 42 312% 45%
11 45 350% 52%
15 57 368% 62%
16 60 406% 71%
19 69 420% 81%
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