Gender Female
Race Human
Age Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Occupation Goddess' Dreamseer
Relatives Unnamed parents (deceased)
Current Location Forsaken Islet Core (last known location)
Status Alive
Additional Information

Stephanie is a mysterious woman who appears in Forsaken Islet Core. She later reveals that she is a Goddess' Dreamseer, and was trying to avoid her lover, a man named Huntington, from falling in love with her.


Stephanie is involved in the following quests:

  • [Level 32] Strange Request I
  • [Level 32] Strange Request II


The Unusual RequestEdit

Stephanie relayed a letter to Adventurer's Guild Master Gunther and the Player discovered that the letter tells its reader to avoid rescuing a man in distress in Spirit's Grave Tomb. Gunther was perplexed by the letter's contents and he urged the Player to travel to Spirit's Grave Tomb to rescue that certain man. True enough, a man by the name of Huntington lay injured at the mentioned place, and the Player rescues him.

Stephanie eventually discovered that her letter was unheeded by Gunther and gave another warning message. However, Gunther decided to use this chance to pursue the sender. The Player, with the help of information from Royal Guard Roy, tracked down Stephanie's destination to Forsaken Islet Core.


During the confrontation between the Player and Stephanie, the latter revealed her ability to look into the future as a Goddess' Dreamseer and the explanation behind her recent actions. Because of her ability, Stephanie had known that her lover (which is supposedly Huntington) would end up betraying her in the future, and has tried to keep Huntington from crossing paths with her.

The Player tried to reason out about how she sees love and was able to change Stephanie's mind about falling in love. In exchange for this, Stephanie revealed some details about why the Prophet refuses to wake up in her current state, telling the Player that it was the Prophet's fears of the future that made her refuse to awaken, although Stephanie refuses to divulge any further information.

Stephanie would later return to Hermalte Port and meet with Huntington, accepting wherever her destiny would take her.


  • "Destiny is like an aggregation of infinite cogwheels. My being at Hermalte Port today is merely turning a cogwheel in that aggregation. But just like the wheels turning with that one action, my misery will come to be accordingly."
  • "The Girl of Destiny knows what the future is better than anyone else. That's why she is afraid of herself."


  • Stephanie is currently the only noted Goddess' Dreamseer in Dragon Nest lore.
  • Stephanie's statement regarding Rose may be a hint to Rose's transformation to Rozalinde in later events.

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