Swift Shot EX
Swift Shot EX
[Magic Arrow]
Swift Shot's number of arrows is increased and additional attack can be dealt when Normal Attack button is entered. When used while retreating backwards, arrows will be fired from the Extension Core. Extension Core will not disappear even when the arrow is fired, and its duration will be refreshed. Additional attack cannot be dealt during this time.
Learned by
Class Artillery
Type Passive Enhancement
Mana Cost 1666 MP (PvE)

3076 MP (PvP)

Maximum Level 1
Character Level 60
Skill Points 0 SP to learn

65 SP used on Bowmaster skills

Required Skill/s Swift Shot
Gameplay Video
Swift Shot EX00:13

Swift Shot EX

Swift Shot EX is an Artillery skill available at Level 60. It enhances Swift Shot is enhanced, increasing the number of arrows launched and the skill's range. Additionally, pressing the Normal Attack button after the usage of the skill causes the user to jump backwards and shoot 3 arrows to the front that deal 50% of the skill's attack as additional damage.

Using the skill while using the Down direction key will instead launch the skill on the Extension Core deployed using Scope Arrow EX, causing the Extension Core's duration to be refreshed.

See also Edit

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