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Sword Master

Sword Master is the sword-oriented specialization class of the Warrior. Sword Masters are equipped with mainly damaging attacks and can use them to block incoming attacks with ease and retaliate with destructive force.

At level 45, Sword Masters can apply to become Gladiators, who shines in one-on-one combat, or Moonlords, whose swords unleash magical blasts that rip through enemies.



  • Sword
  1. Gauntlet


For a complete list of the skills available for this class, see Skills: Sword Master.

3rd Job SpecializationEdit


Focuses on the Physical Tree. Gladiators overwhelm their enemies with brute strength, making them one of the best duelists in the game.


Focuses on the Magical Tree. Moonlords rely on their lunar power to bring devastation to those who would stand against him.

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