Talismans are items that are equipped to gain a fixed amount of a certain stat. They are commonly found on dungeons located in Anu Arendel.

Overview Edit

Introduced as another way to gain stats after the removal of suffixes and potentials, talismans provide a flat value of a single stat by itself. Talismans can be equipped in one of eight available default slots located on the talisman equipment tab, where the base value of the talisman equipped can change according to the chosen slot. There are four percentile multipliers with two slots each: 200%, 175%, 150% and 125%.

The primary source of talismans are dungeons from Anu Arendel, which occasionally drop normal talismans at Hard difficulty and magic talismans at Master and above difficulty.

Talismans come in three rarities: normal, magic, and rare. Talismans of magic rarity exist as Low Grade, Intermediate, Normal (no prefix) and High Grade talismans.

When a talisman is successfully equipped, "moving" a talisman (i.e., removing it from an occupied slot or switching talismans) requires a fee that varies according to the rarity and grade of the talisman to be moved.

Undesired talismans can be disassembled for a fee of 2Gold 00Silver 00Copper, producing a Talisman Fragment corresponding to the level of the talisman used in the process. These Talisman Fragments can be used in crafting rare talismans.

Talisman Values Edit

Stat Normal Low Grade Magic Intermediate Magic High Grade Magic Rare
Bear's (STR)
Wind (AGI)
Intellect (INT)
Health (VIT)
Destruction (PATK)
Fatal (Critical)
Magician's (MATK)
Life Vitality (HP)
Shock (Stun)
Blessed (Crit. Resist)

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