Tel Noir Temple
Location Tel Numara
Boss Warlord Hubert
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 60 (Abyss)
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Warlord Hubert (boss)

Tel Noir Temple is a Level ?? Dungeon located in the Tel Numara area near Riverwort Wharf.


A long time ago, Geraint sealed Desert Dragon Jakard’s jewel in a sand wormhole that he found floating around the desert. Sand wormholes were not noticeable by human eyes so they worked as a safe place to keep the dragon’s jewel. However, due to the fact that sand wormholes float freely around the desert, there was a problem of locating the jewel. Tel Noir Temple held the solution for this problem as the device for locating sand wormholes was placed there. It was a safety device for Geraint to use to retrieve the dragon’s jewel in the future. However, after obtaining Professor K’s documents, Jasmine’s army headed to Tel Noir Temple and used the device to create a gigantic sand ship. With that, the Desert Storm plan progressed smoothly.

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