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Npc teleju
Gender Female
Race Dark elf
Age (Not good with numbers)
Hometown City of Death
Occupation Candidate for Dark Elf Queen
Current Location City of Death
Status Alive
Voiced by Shiori Izawa (Japanese)

Aria Blarg (English SEA)

Additional Information
Star Sign Sagittarius
Height 162 cm
Weight 45 kg
Likes Latest fashions
Cute items
The sun
Dislikes Math
Old things

Teleju is a dark elf who is one of two heirs to the throne of the Dark Elven Kingdom. Unlike most dark elves who harbor a sense of hatred towards elves and humans, Teleju is friendly to anyone, and is often seen playing outside Hermalte Port. Though she loves the world and hopes to travel and explore, she soon found out she is bitter enemies with the world created by the goddess Altea.

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