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Npc right teramai
Gender Male
Race Human
Age More than 50 years old
Occupation Paladin (formerly)
Pope of the Cleric Order
Current Location Saint Haven
Status Alive
Voiced by Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese)
Additional Information
Affiliation Brotherhood of Steel (Shadow Leader)

"What we need now is justice, not mercy."


Terramai, also known as Terrence Terramai, was one of the Six Heroes and was the only non-draconian member to not be affected by the Catastrophic Rain during the aftermath of the Black Dragon Raid. He holds the title of Pope of the Cleric Order, but is currently not in service, leaving behind his duties to Bishop Ignacio due to personal reasons.


  • The official romanization of his name is Teramai.

In other localizationsEdit


North American name


Russian for Terramai


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