The End
The End
Overwhelmed by madness, the character throws chains at enemies in front that disrupt their movement and attacks, and jumps upwards to shoot exploding knives to the ground from midair.
Learned by
Class Chaser
Type Instant
Attribute Dark
Cooldown 125 sec (PVE)
225 sec (PVP)
Maximum Level 2
Debuffs Movement speed reduced by 50% when hit by the chain
Character Level 40
Skill Points 45 SP used in Assassin skills
Required Skill/s Punishment Level 1
Learning Fee 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
Gameplay Video
The End00:08

The End

Skill Information Edit

Level Req. Level ATK/knife
1 40 556% 104%
2 60 578% 106%


The skill keeps the Player invincible for 2 sec.


In Other LocalizationsEdit

디 엔드

The End, Korea


North America

Chaser Skills
Open Edge Open Edge Shift Blow Shift Blow Fade Fade Receive Edge Receive Edge
Applause Applause Flame Locust Flame Locust Illusion Step Illusion Step
Rake Rake Blade Runner Blade Runner
Rain Drop Rain Drop Mortal Blow Mortal Blow Burning Coal Burning Coal Excess Chain Excess Chain
Punishment Punishment Izuna Drop Izuna Drop Dedicate Shadow Dedicate Shadow Delicate Crow Dedicate Crow
The End The End Cripping Punisher Crippling Punisher

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