Welcome to DNSEA Wiki!

Not sure what to do? We currently have a list of things that need looking into.

Top Priority
  • Skill articles - Some articles are non-existent, others use old infoboxes, and others use old skill data. Consider looking at recently edited articles like in Chain Lightning and Block and use them to refurbish skill articles.
  • Silver Hunter data - Since the Silver Hunter has just been released, the wiki also needs updates on the second spin-off class. Notable assets needed are skill icons and skill information.
  • Current game features - Still wondering what Hero's Battlefield or Daidalos Nest is all about? Expand on articles about recent additions to the game and help others understand what to expect.
Medium Priority
  • NPC and Lore articles - Due to the scarcity of people who have an extensive know-how on lore, this is medium priority for the meantime. That doesn't mean that no one can help expand on the story aspect of the game, though!
  • Articles on older features - Newer players probably don't know that suffixes and potentials were a thing, and there were more nests than what are playable today. To those who have been in the game for far longer than that, feel free to add on features that have been removed from the game.
Low Priority
  • Changelog updates - A heavy task in itself, it would involve adding a Changelog section on relevant articles so that changes that were implemented can be viewed on the article directly. This would make skill changes accessible on the skill article itself, no more swimming through walls of text!

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