Reduces damage from physical attacks by 15.0%. If you get hit when your HP is 60%, ATK buff is activated.

If you get hit when your HP is 60%, ATK increases by 20%.

Learned by
Class Mercenary
Type Passive
Mana Cost 0 MP
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 22
Skill Points 10 SP to learn
25 SP used on Warrior skills
Weapon Used Axe or Hammer
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Toughness is a Mercenary skill available at Level 22. It passively reduces the user's damage from physical attacks by 15%. Additionally, on PvE, when the user's HP reaches 60% of maximum or below, the skill gives a buff that increases the user's attack by 20%. The attack buff lasts for 60 seconds, can has an internal cooldown of 60 seconds.

Mercenary Skills
Stomp Stomp Flying Swing Flying Swing Toughness Resentment Dash Blow Dash Blow
Demolition Fist Demolition Fist Punishing Swing Punishing Swing Taunting Howl Taunting Howl Crisis Howl Crisis Howl
Circle Swing Circle Swing Ring Bombs Ring Bombs Iron Skin Iron Skin Soccer Kick Combo Soccer Kick Combo
Whirlwind Whirlwind Rolling Attack Rolling Attack Highlander Highlander Battle Howl Battle Howl
Devitalizing Howl Devitalizing Howl Havoc Howl Havoc Howl
Cyclone Axe Cyclone Axe Gigantic Bomb Gigantic Bomb

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