Trap Master
Trap Master
Select and create one of the three types of traps. After using the skill, enter Front, Left, or Right direction key to create 3 of the selected trap immediately.
Learned by
Class Hunter
Type Instant
Cooldown 40 sec
Mana Cost 0 MP
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 40
Skill Points 10 SP to learn
35 SP used on Archer skills
Weapon Used Crossbow
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Trap Master is a Hunter skill available at Level 40. By using the skill and pressing the Front, Left or Right direction key, the user creates three traps of a single type based on the direction key used. These traps can be deployed by using the Trapper skill. The user can carry up to 10 traps of one type.

Using the front direction key creates Explosion Traps, the left direction key creates Freezing Traps, and the right direction key creates Flash Traps. Each of the three kinds of traps also passively increases the user's Paralyze Resist, Stun Resist and Critical Resist respectively based on the number of traps unused.

See also Edit

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