Triple Orbs
Triple Orbs
Summons three wormholes that deal massive damage.
Learned by
Class Force User
Type Instant
Attribute Dark
Cooldown 16 sec
Mana Cost 888 MP
Maximum Level 19
Character Level 16
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
25 SP used on Sorceress skills
Required Skill/s Gravity Blast
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Triple Orbs is a Force User skill available at Level 16. The skill summons three void orbs that deal massive damage. The three orbs are summoned one at a time, closest first. Each orb can be aimed at a different direction. Orbs cannot be aimed vertically. The skill can be cancelled in mid-cast by blinking.

Skill Information

Level Req. Level ATK
1 16 777% 142%
5 28 846% 155%
6 31 986% 177%
10 43 1055% 231%
11 46 1195% 283%
15 58 1264% 340%
16 61 1404% 404%
19 70 1455% 425%

In Other Localizations

마이크로 홀

Microholes, Korea

Dark Orbs


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