Triple Slash
Triple Slash
Slightly dashes to the front and swings the sword. Press the [Normal Attack Button] to swing up to 3 times.
Learned by
Class Swordmaster
Type Offensive skill
Attribute Neutral
Character Level 15
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
20 SP spent on Warrior skills
Gameplay Video
Dragon nest triple slash00:09

Dragon nest triple slash.mp4

Notes Edit

  • After the Triple Slash, it can be followed with an Eclipse.
  • After the Counter Slash, it can be followed with the Triple Slash and ending with a Eclipse.
  • Triple Slash EX is a signature skill that Gladiators often use in PvP, either for uplifting or prolonged combos.
Swordmaster Skills
Triple Slash Triple Slash Dash Slash Dash Slash Aerial Combo Aerial Combo Moonlight Splitter Moonlight Splitter
Dash Combo Dash Combo Parrying Parrying
Front Shove Front Shove Eclipse Eclipse Parrying Stance Parrying Stance Cyclone Slash Cyclone Slash
Hacking Stance Hacking Stance Brave Brave Counter Slash Counter Slash Crescent Cleave Crescent Cleave
Line Drive Line Drive Provoking Slam Provoking Slam Counter Exile Counter Exile Halfmoon Slash Halfmoon Slash
Infinity Edge Infinity Edge Great Wave Great Wave
Removed skills: Parrying StanceCounter Slash

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